Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1 at Lillian Smith Center

This morning I took lots of photos of rocks at the chimney near Lillian Smith's marker. I discovered many tiny things I've overlooked earlier in the week + here, even though I'm walking over there to say hello to Miss Lil each morning. Here are a few of those details.

These stacked stones are at the back of the chimney.

Looking up the length of the chimney to the sky from the back.

And here's a view from the roadway looking back at the site. This was around 8 a.m. today. Chimneys without their associated houses are so evocative of human presence no longer there, aren't they. And they're so beautiful. I wonder if they can be appreciated for their sculptural qualities with the house around them. Yet, the fireplace is the heart of the house, isn't it. The hearth has many associations with home in quite a few cultures around the world, I think.

Near the memorial site there are several day lilies. This was one I photographed today.

And then as I walked around the bend in the road, there was a section of a tree that caught my attention with the amazing fungus or moss on it... I'm really going to have to learn about what I'm seeing, aren't I!

This particular snail on the side of my cottage was amazing! He was all concerned that I was taking his photo and was shifting his shell all around, clacking against the stone. Maybe he was in a defensive posture with all of the activity. Thank goodness he couldn't leap off and rush at me... just try to scare me away with his posturing! I really wish I'd turned the video on my camera--the little guy would be a YouTube tonight! As it is, don't know if the still shots really show how active he was.

OK... I know it doesn't look like much was happening here but believe me it was. He was looking all around at me (as much as I could tell that he was looking), he was shifting himself from side to side. It was really pretty scary, when you think about it. He's hanging just on the outside of my bedroom window, sort of! If I hear a clacking in the night maybe I should just get up and run!

Walking on down a little ways I saw this little snake on the steps between the cottages.

Then right across the road from the little snake was this little tendril of a vine sneaking across the road.

Then just a few feet away was this mushroom with part torn out... and the remaining edge had curled in a beautiful spiral. After I downloaded the photo I saw that there was also a red-eyed fly on the edge!

And, here's the yellow mushroom today. It does indeed seem to be heading to mushroom heaven.

Yes, I've really done some weaving today; quite a bit, in fact, and should be able to post some images of that tomorrow after I cut it off the loom.

So, to end the day... with today's shot of the red door, taken sometime between 8 and 8:30 this morning:


  1. gosh this last post makes me think you've just entered the Lord of the Rings, it all looks like you should pack up and run away now before they decide to come in after you!! LOL, not serious at all, it's very beautful...the green moss had what looked like fruiting bodies attached to it, sort of like flowers. ..k.

  2. Great close up shots of the snail. Who knew they were so colorful (or active!!!!)