Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lillian Smith Center--last day of June, 2010

But, thank goodness, not the last day of the retreat! That's on July 10. But today I was able to end one of the tasks that have occupied me since I've been here so all I have time to do tonight is post one photo... guess what!

Yep, the red door (made a few others this morning but don't have time or energy to post them, too).

I was up at 4:30 after spending a pretty much wakeful night. Rain through the night and other stuff disturbing my sleep. So I gave up then and got on out of bed and pretended it was the normal 6:30-ish awaking time with coffee underway, writing morning pages, having breakfast, etc. Morning walk and a few photos on the way (where the red door came in) happened at around 7 and it was overcast today at that time. So... no light play on the red door. More tomorrow, maybe, in lots of ways!


  1. The red/orange in the stone wall stands out more without the play of light. I'm looking forward to the MORE you have hinted about!

  2. i've made a decision about your red door, i'll talk about it later when it is done...k.