Friday, March 8, 2019

Aya Fiber Studio Class--Stuart, Florida

I have just finished a five day class at Aya Fiber Studio in Stuart, Florida.  Stuart is along the east coast between Port Saint Lucie and West Palm Beach.  I've never been to this part of Florida and learned it's quite a beautiful spot.

I stayed at Pirate's Cove Resort.  Pretty interesting lodging!  I'd come back again just for the morning sunlight through the wooden louvered blinds and the shadows that are created. And to get a kitty petting in with Camille, a rescued cat from Hurricane Irma who now lives at Pirate's Cove.

My class was about designing for tapestry.  We began with a few design exercises on paper, including some work with charcoal to do some loose, free drawing.  We also painted papers to cut or tear for collage.  On the second day we went back to charcoal for a few gesture drawings using photos as reference.  

By Wednesday most everyone warped a loom to try out something with designs they'd developed into cartoons.  Wednesday evening we all got Crabby together at a local crab shack!  

And my crab cake was delicious!

I had six students who were each engaged in their own path for designing and weaving.  I loved the way each one of them were intent on what they wanted to do and also were willing to plunge into the design exercises I presented to them on the first couple of days.

Here are a few photos from each day but in no particular order.

On our last day (today!) we had Suzanne take out group "graduation" photo:''

And then I took a selfie with Hadley front and center:

It was indeed a wonderful class!  Thank you to each one who was there for the week!  Even though I was quite boring at times, as Hadley says: