Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4 at Lillian Smith Center

OK, yes, I'm posting this on the 5th of July--but these are photos from yesterday.

I wove through the first of the three leaves on the tapestry yesterday while listening to an Agatha Christie book on CD (The Hollow).  I frequently read by listening as I weave tapestry--unless I'm in particularly difficult sections where it takes all my concentration to keep moving forward.

I began the morning with photos of one of the pine trees near the cottage.  A beam of sunlight was spotlighting the area where a limb had once been and I walked over to see it more closely.  That led to my looking in wonder all around the trunk of the tree to see the beautiful patterns the bark has where the limb was accommodated... and the remaining circular or oval openings after a limb has gone.  Sunlight also shown through rosin contained in the spaces although I didn't get a good photo of that.  Lots of ants were also going up and down the tree.

 This is what caught my eye first.

Then I began to see more and more of these area where limbs had once been all around the trunk of the tree...

  Looking up the trunk of this pine tree.

Next an assortment of photos of mushrooms and more...


such amazing tiny things!

Then... red door on the 4th of July... around 8:45 or so:

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  1. that first photo is really interesting, the hollow left behind after the branch has gone, make a good artwork...k.