Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Arrowmont photos

My class at Arrowmont ended on August 3.  It's taken a couple of weeks to get back to reality here at home--as it always does after an intense class experience.  I enjoyed spending the days with a wonderful group of ten tapestry weavers, plus my capable assistant, Allie.  We did several design exercises and then began to weave tapestry based on something from the design work.  At least three tapestries were completed during the class and probably by now the others have also completed what they started.  That is, if they've used my strong suggestion to "Weave Every Darn Day!"

So... thank you to one and all of the students who spent the week with me at Arrowmont from July 28-August 3, 2018!  I wish you all happy weaving for many years to come.

Here are photos from the week in no particular order, except for photos of the new building at Arrowmont and our group posted at the end.

The new dorm, just completed and soon to be open!  This replaces the two that were destroyed in the terrible wildfires of 2016

The Arrowmont Tapestry Weavers, 2018 version!