Saturday, July 3, 2010

At Lillian Smith Center on July 3

Another day at Lillian Smith Center. Took lots of photos and wove on my tapestry! This is what I've been waiting to do--other tasks taking precedence for the first two weeks. Now I'm going to concentrate on getting done as much as I can in the week I have remaining here at the Center to work on this tapestry.  It's my donation to the Blue Ridge Fiber Show raffle to help with fundraising for awards. I appreciate the Blue Ridge Fiber Show so much so wanted to contribute what I could.

Here's the piece at my tapestry "studio" spot in Peeler Cottage while at the Center. It's another of the kudzu series of pieces with this one designed to show the seed pods and a single three-leaf cluster.
I'm weaving it turned 90˚ to the way it will hang so you'll have to tilt your head to see how the image is actually progressing.
Now... on to other things. I photographed the red door twice this morning, once as I started my walk about 8 when it was still quite overcast and as I got back near to 9 a.m. when there was finally a bit of sun peeking through the clouds.

Here it is as I walked by earlier in the morning...
and now the sun is beginning to show its face against the stones.

I stepped in closer and see that the padlock that's there isn't actually clicked into place! I'm not going to go in--but knowing I could makes it intriguing.
This snail had a pretty impressive pile of poo nearby... can't see it all here in the photo ... must be something good to eat that keeps them here!
Mushrooms were again catching my eye today... lots more are springing up. Here's one...
and here's another... this shot was totally a surprise since I just put the camera up and under and clicked--couldn't see what the camera was seeing. Amazing waves of these gills.
  On the walk as I was photographing a mushroom, I turned slightly to my right and noticed a spiral in the ground just inches away. It turned out to be a snail shell that I spent some time excavating.  This photo was taken after I'd dug around with twigs and stones for a few minutes.  The ground was amazingly tough to get through although we've had rain for almost every day.
I've gotten it out of the ground in this photo. Right now it's soaking in water to loosen the clay and other matter from the inside.
Other things today, in no particular order:

This clothespin and this nut were within a few inches from each other in the front yard.
Yellow mushroom shot for the day... really is going away now...


  1. My, oh my! I've been looking (and enjoying) the door series, and never noticed the lock on the door!!!! That is just too funny! BTW, I think that the gills of that mushroom would make a lovely tapestry.

  2. the yellow fungus is starting to drape nicely; i collect abandoned clothespegs, have done so since childhood; you must have good control not entering that red door, or maybe it's more inspirational to NOT know what's inside - more of a story that way.
    and lastly your tapestry is looking very like your surrounds and i love the diamonds woven in.

  3. two of us out here in blogland want you to peek inside that door and tell us what's in there, it's probably just a lawnmower and a few tools...k.