Saturday, May 6, 2017

Endings and Beginnings

Penland Spring Concentration 2017 is now history.  The thoughts of working together and "weaving a dialogue" that Bhakti Ziek and I began imagining over a year ago and intensely planning for through the early winter of this year have materialized over the course of the past amazing eight weeks.

We met twelve incredible people who made a leap of faith to take the journey with us.  Each of us was challenged in many ways throughout the two months... sometimes with weaving in technical or design challenges, sometimes with health issues.  But everyone persevered and became part of a class that won't easily (or ever) forgotten.

Endings are hard.  Hugs have been given; tears have been shed; gifts and notes exchanged; promises made to keep in touch.  Now, all of us, except for Sarah Rose, a Penland core student who's just begun two years there, have headed off the mountain.  I think maybe all of us hope to return again to Penland and Lily Loom House in the future.

Thank you, Penland.  Thank you, Bhakti.  Thank you, Allie, Anastastia, Caroline, Cyndi, Debra, Dorina, Krysten, Nancy, Nina, Sarah, Sarah Rose, Rebecca. Thank you, Edwina, for being so much a part of our class.  I'll see you all again someday.

Thank you to all of the wonderful guests we've had.  Thanks you to those who made our field trips possible by inviting us to visit--Valdese Weavers; Oriole Mill; Amy Putansu at Haywood Community College Professional Crafts Fiber Program.

Photos of the last two weeks will be coming soon once I get home and have time to do an update.  We've had an ongoing Instagram feed since the first days.  You can find us @weaving.a.dialogue to see more right away, if you haven't followed us before.

 Now... onward to beginnings of lots of good things for one and all!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Can. Not. Even. Begin. To. Describe. These. Last. Weeks.

So I won't even try right now.

More soon (I hope!)

The push is on to finish this session on Friday.

Phew (almost).