Saturday, June 28, 2014

Home again! What a color trip!!

I arrived home from New Jersey and my wonderful time at Peters Valley on Wednesday, June 25.  It's taken me a couple of days of playing catch up with real life here at home but I'm finally posting some photos.  Actually, I'm going to do this as a Picasa slide show since there are so many things I'd love to share from the experience there.  So much more could be said about the experience than the brief captions.  But that's all I can post about it now.

Peters Valley "For the Love of Color"

The Peters Valley class was my last teaching gig for the 2014 but I've already had some discussion with Jen, the Education Coordinator at PV, about going back in the future... maybe 2016?  My next classes for 2015 are listed in the sidebar at the left--John Campbell Folk School, Florida Tropical Weavers Guild Conference, and Arrowmont.

Here in the studio the stones are demanding my attention again.  I've been able to weave on the much neglected tapestry for awhile each day since my return.  I'd hoped to be able to finish it by mid-summer but it appears that's not going to happen.  So much to do, so little time!

Now... back to the loom.

And... now, posting this addition later in the day--here's where I've gotten to on the stones:

Monday, June 16, 2014

Color overload ... almost!

I've woven the last sample that I have time to finish before the class later this week.  Now I'm hard at work on the last revision of the handout.  So much to do, so little time!

From bottom to top on this sample:  analogous with warm hues; analogous with cool hues; monochromatic using red-violet; complementary using blue-violet and yellow-orange; triad using secondary colors (green, orange, violet); and the top sample used the colors determined by the palette generator basing colors on my photo shown in the last post.  This is about 8" wide and 24" long.  10 epi of 12/9 cotton seine twine warp.  Four strand blends of 20/2 wool for weft.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

And yet more color study

These colors were based on a palette generator Marg Coe told me about. I used a photo I'd taken of flowers in the yard as the start.

The program is Color Thief and is listed in the resources in Marg's e-weaving site at this link.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Color Continues...

I'm still working with color studies and learning so much.  This week I set up a 10 epi x 8" wide warp with 12/9 cotton seine twine.  I'm using 20/2 worsted wool as weft, four strands.  I'm doing several color exercises on the same warp and separating them by a few passes of black.  I'm using triangle/diamond shapes throughout the whole set of studies with a small vertical band beside the main area in which the same colors are used in different ways.

Here are two areas of analogous studies, one from the warm side of the color wheel and the other from the cool side:

The next diamond/color study that's on the loom today is monochromatic (using red-violet in several value variations).   I'm adding this photo to the earlier post in reply to Ellen's question that came in the comment.  My work is usually done by building shapes.  Although sometimes I do work line by line, most of the time I usually prefer to build shapes.

Last week I did a length of pick and pick using several of the Itten systematic color arrangements, beginning with a complementary pair.  I used tints, tones, shades and intensity changes for the selected colors.  I chose red-violet as the dominant color and used a dark red-violet as one pick all the way through the piece.  The other areas were separated from each other by three picks of red-violet.  It's hard to see them as separate in the entire piece, but I can find them and isolate them by using a couple of pieces of paper on either side.

Red-violet is one of my favorite colors so it was a certain choice when I was selecting how to begin:

Wonder why I like red-violet?

And if my cell phone could take a selfie of itself you'd see it dressed in a red-violet Otter case!