Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6 at Lillian Smith Center

The day began a bit later for me as it was around 9 a.m when I walked down the road. First thing I encountered was the red door and... I think Robert's messing with me now since I told him I was documenting the red door each day! Or maybe not... maybe this is the most convenient spot to put the wheel barrow on the way to the end of the road. I heard him moving it later today. I'll have to ask him about that tomorrow when they all visit my studio here at Peeler Cottage to see what I've been working on.
And... is no one home in the snail shells now?! I saw this shell on the side of the cottage... it's one I've been photographing for several days now with active snail inside. Seems empty now although I don't want to take it down and inspect it. I saw fewer shells on the wall today. Does this mean they've moved on??
The sun was the spotlight for many things morning. Here's one of them; dog hobble, I think.

As I walked down the road, the shadows of the rhododendron were so beautiful.
As I walked through the shadows I realized I was there, too.. so stopped to photograph myself in the shadows:
Lot's of "what is it" this morning:
This afternoon I saw several insects on the porch so though I'd draw them. One was still kicking, although very slowly. I put him back in the yard after I'd drawn him...
According to the National Audubon Society Field Guide to Insects and Spiders this fellow is a Grapevine Beetle. Here's the photo of the beetle and my drawing of him...
Although I put him back into the yard after I'd drawn him I'm afraid it was a traumatic experience for him anyway. But he was still moving, although very slowly, several hours later.
I also found this moth on the porch this afternoon. I made a drawing of him but didn't find him in the book so I'm not sure what he/she is...
My drawing and comments about the moth...
A couple of days ago I'd drawn the portion of the yard I see when sitting on the porch:
And, then there's the yellow mushroom today:
Only a few more days here! So hard to believe. I want to get the most out of each and every day in this special place.


  1. What a wonderful retreat you have given us!

  2. ah ha, i thought so, it's a gardener's shed door, but mine won't be - it will be something much more welcoming. i think the snail may have moved on to grow a larger shell - he might know that the hot weather is coming...k.