Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5 at Lillian Smith Center

Today I saw the forest and not the trees so much. I was out for the morning walk about 9 rather than around an hour earlier and the sunlight through the woods near the road kept my attention. A few close details of old friends are in the photos, as well... but mostly woods. My weaving progressed well although I didn't take a photo of it today. 

The other residents will visit my cottage on Wednesday so I want to get to a point that I don't have to think too much as I demonstrate how I weave for them! That means quite a few inches have to be done tomorrow and Wednesday. I've gotten to over the half-way point to finish the tapestry, however... that's great. I should be able to get it done in not too many more days after I return home... I know that it's impossible to complete while here.

Start the day with Bailey on the steps of the cottage in which Martha is staying... Robert came by as I was starting on the morning walk so we stopped to talk to Martha for a minute or two... with Bailey patiently waiting us out.
The woods were glorious with sunlight and shadows this morning. Like I said, I was out later than usual and the sun had time to creep over the ridge (or rather, the ridge had crept toward the sun a bit more). So most of the time this morning I spent looking into the woods and being grateful for being here to do so.
Another view from the road looking to the east/southeast.
With the sun still so low in the sky the tree tops were catching the spotlight...
... and now, this walk to the bend in the road that's become so familiar in the past two and a half weeks. It will be different not to see this every day at the morning walk. But I'm so happy to have a few more days to experience it.
Beautiful light and shadow on everything I saw this morning...
I've gotten ahead of myself above... first thing I did this morning was walk down the woods path to Robert's studio where I haven't gone before...
... and there I found this wonderful log with cut marks... guess it's held other things for being cutting. There were a few random nails there that obviously didn't serve their purpose but look beautiful on the cuts in the log.
I walked back up this path from Robert's studio to the gravel road to begin the morning walk. I just checked out the snails on the cottage but didn't photograph. But did observe the red door with wonderful later morning light...
It was this kind of light when I first noticed it two + weeks ago... around 9ish in the morning. The other photos mostly were taken earlier so the sun hadn't yet gotten over the adjacent mountain.
A few smaller things did catch my eye this morning... here's one:
And right next to the trunk with the skinned bark and moss was this bound tree.

Then I walked on back to the cottage to see what's up with the yellow mushroom:
And on back to Peeler Cottage, walking over these lovely shadows as I went...

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  1. a most beautiful forest, thankyou for taking us along with you on your morning walks. It's quite different at the slightly later hour.
    my red door is pieced now, i'll start stitching it tomorrow, i have a whole story started around it, but it will take some time to materialise...k.