Tuesday, September 29, 2009

back to the big tapestry this week

Highest points are at 3/4 of whole piece.  I rolled it forward after taking the pictures so that the weaving height is not so extreme for me.  It's been about four months since I began working on this.  The first post I did about it, in which I showed the painting being used as inspiration for the cartoon, was on May 27.  I've had several days and even weeks when I haven't been able to weave consistently on this piece.  In fact, I missed most of the month of August! I still have a goal of completion by the end of October.  My husband says I always have deadlines--and I guess I do!  Oh well, why not?


  1. Self-imposed deadlines keep me going back to the loom. I need one now, in fact, but have too many painting deadlines to fill.

  2. Your tapestry diary reminds me of a large city with many skyscrapers with windows. The white spaces (I know are days of not weaving) but add a break in the skyline. Interesting....the different things we see in art.

  3. I agree that I like the breaks of white within the diary - it's those resting places. I also understand the deadlines - I accomplish more if I have them, but I also have had to learn to not beat myself up for missing them. I just try to learn what I could do better next time. In any case, more happens for me if there is a deadline! So I understand! The piece is looking wonderful! Are you pleased with this new adventure?

  4. Thanks, K, S & J for your comments!
    Deadlines are indeed what keep me on track and I usually (knock on some wood here) am able to meet them. The tapestry diary is really quite a rewarding thing to do. It's one of those "Some day, I'll..." and, more and more, I'm trying to tackle those "some day..." thoughts in a tangible way. If not now, when... as a line in a song goes. A Tracy Chapman song, I believe.

  5. Deadlines are good, self imposed ones better. I move mine around all the time. I wonder if that still makes them "deadlines"?
    I love tapestry diary, such a beautiful piece and a really neat idea.
    The large piece is so wonderful. I am always amazed at the depth and shading one can get in them.