Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A new tapestry begins (almost)

I'm updating my website with a slide show about warping my large loom. I thought I might post it here on the blog, too, but for right now here's the link to the slide show on my web page about that.

I'm getting ready to weave a large (for me) tapestry again. This is to be based on one of the images I did at the Steve Aimone directed studies workshop last fall. The four large pieces I did there were all abstracted images based on my time spent at Hambidge Center in late October and the many drawings, paintings and photographs I took there.

Here's the working image. I haven't done a mylar tracing of it yet but I know many changes will happen along the way of creating the tapestry based upon this. The tapestry will be the size of the original painting: 54" wide x 48" high.

This tapestry will be put on hold for a short time as the next few days lead to a grand adventure for my friend, Pat Williams and me. We'll be going to the home and studio of tapestry artist, Silvia Heyden, along with several other members of Tapestry Weavers South. We'll have an opportunity to spend time with this remarkable artist, see her work and hear her talk about it. What a treat to be able to visit an artist like her!


  1. How exciting - I look forward to seeing the piece develop - especially since I've watched since Hambridge! Also thanks for the link to the threading of the loom. And looking forward to hearing about the visit to Sylvia Heyden's. I had no idea she was this close in Durham!

  2. Oh my, Tommye!

    First of all, I can't wait to see this tapestry in progress, it's very exciting to see how the design process for this piece evolved from residency to workshop to studio!

    Secondly, I am green with envy that you are going to spend time with Silvia Heyden!!! I recently was able to get a copy of her book, "The Making of Modern Tapestry" which I had been in search of for a very long time. I am half way through reading it now, it is my bedtime companion. My mind is being stimulated with many possibilities by her words & works.

    You seem to be riding such a wonderful wave of artistic energy & creativity, it makes me so happy & inspired to be able to share it through your blog...

    Surf on, sister!