Wednesday, September 23, 2009

rag rugs cut off today...

Here they are, just off the loom and cut apart from each other.  The one with interchanging blocks (at the top) is 24" wide x 62" long (not including fringe).  The second one (at the bottom) is same width and 40" long, also not including fringe.  You can see that the back and front are reverse in value: what's dark in one block on the top is light on the back.  These will shrink when washed by probably 10% at least.  They should work out just fine in the kitchen.  Still considering whether to ply or to braid the fringes.


  1. What fun! I'm sure it's a nice diversion, but I can imagine you are ready to get back to the tapestry!

  2. Yes, very much so! But I've just set up the little loom again for a krokbragd experiment -- I've wanted to combine other weft-faced, loom-controlled weaves with tapestry for some time and now's the time to prepare the loom for it. I'll be posting about that as it goes along.