Saturday, September 26, 2009

OK, so this isn't going well so far...

Beginning the side parts of the frame...

 The motif at the interior edge of the border is shifting upward.  I know some of that's because the central area doesn't have anything woven into it yet and the wefts there are not compressed.  But I'm not sure if this will improve when the interior tapestry section begins to be woven into place.  I'm going to rip this out in awhile--got to think about it a bit more before spending the time taking out a couple of hours of yesterday's work.  This is why I'm calling this "an experiment"... to find out about these things and try to solve them.

This is also happening on the right side: 

and later today:

It's all out and I'm ready to start again.  I'll think about it tomorrow; after all, tomorrow IS another day.


  1. I read a book once on DaVinci that said he saw everything as an experiment - there was no failure - just an opportunity to learn. I love that attitude and am glad to see you are using it. It helped remind me to!

  2. Tommye-Try using less weft on the side areas. You can then add more passes to make the design the same size heighth wise and it will be less wide in the slits. I experimented in graduate school 40 years ago doing this. In the center tapestry if you treadled a little different you could decrease or double the warps used for the tapestry. You may wish to put a row os soumack in before you start the tapestry. It hides the warps that show as the passes resume into plain weave tapestry as you end the pattern area.
    I am working on using brocading and overshot for floats in tapestry. You can leave out the binding thread that creates the half tone and just weave the pattern. it just takes more shots of the floats to make the design square up.

  3. well, I'm in pretty good experimental company then!
    Thanks for the insight!!!

  4. Kathe,
    Thanks for the hints. I'll give it another try using your suggestions. There's a beautiful self-portrait by a student in a Swedish school that's shown in vavmagasinet 3/08 in which she's combined what appears to be krokbragd with tapestry.

    I've found two other references to people combining these on the web. I know there's more out there -- just need to do more searching. You've worked in so many ways throughout the decades that your advice will certainly be sound!! Thank you for commenting. I'll keep trying and posting about what goes on with this.

    One of the things that keeps going through my mind is: "Why do I want to do this anyway?" So far I haven't come up with the answer that I'm looking for--other than to say that it's something I've wanted to try for a long time. Maybe that's answer enough... maybe not.