Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to the big tapestry after over a month away

I started weaving on the current large tapestry again on Monday. It's taken me these several days to get immersed in it again. I worked in spots that didn't require much thinking for the first day, then in the past two + days I've started tackling areas that need more concentration. The last time I posted the progress was July 27--my goal is to complete this by the first of November. Here's a shot of where it is today as I'm leaving the studio:


  1. It's so watercolor-y. Colors are wonderful.

  2. Watercolor-y - what a great word. It is beautiful and I love the many ways that you are blending the colors. It brings a great deal of interest to seek it all out. In fact I think that gives the tapestry more interest than the painting, but that may just be because I'm biased toward the weaving!!! Thanks for forwarding the info on the land in NC!

  3. Looking very good. I love the colors. I wonder though, have you decided to stop the tesselations? Or just waiting til later?