Tuesday, September 15, 2009

more weaving happening today...

I'm above the half-way point now.  More diamonds and pick and pick to come but wanted to be calm for a bit.

I just got a copy of Steven Aimone's new book today: Expressive Drawing: a Practical Guide to Freeing the Artist Within .  It's another wonderful book by a fantastic teacher .  One of the things I very much appreciate about Steve's books is that he includes artists both widely and not so widely known as he seeks out the best visual examples to illustrate what he discusses.  For instance, you'll find Rembrandt, Van Gogh, da Vinci examples in his book (as you'd probably expect)--but also works by Bill Traylor, Milton Avery, Renie Breskin Adams, among many others.  Steve's used works by many of his students, as well.  Pat Williams is represented with her drawing in preparation for her tapestry Kairos that you can see at her website.


  1. Oh another book to add to my library!!! This is really a wonder piece and I hope I get to see it in person. Have you seen Lyn Harts latest blog about working with Sylvia Heyden? Check it out - it may be something you want to ask at your upcoming workshop??? I just noticed how full the diary has become!!! It's great!

  2. Yes, I've been keeping track of Lyn's activities and her wonderful opportunities. I'm going to Silvia's workshop in November. I also hope to plan another workshop with Steve in 2010--he's really good; if you ever want to consider taking his directed studies at his Asheville studio (or even in Maine) I very, very, very highly recommend it!