Sunday, July 19, 2009

view from High Knob

I had an incredible experience a couple of days ago when visiting friends in Western North Carolina. They've just purchased a mountain side near the Parkway and we climbed to the highest point where there's a small, rustic cabin. The ascent to 5200 feet from the lower part of the property, about 1200 feet below, was tough for me since I'm not used to that kind of hike. But it was more than worth it to see the glorious view looking to the west into the Smokies. We got there just as a rainstorm swept up the valley and across the smaller mountains.

Beautiful wildflowers, rocks, trees, mosses, mushrooms were all around and I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure.


  1. sounds like a lovely thing to do in midsummer. I love the NC mountains and envy you the experience.


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