Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the tapestry keeps growing, day by day...

I'm still so excited about the direction this tapestry is taking me! Several things are falling into place as I work on it--the thoughts shared by Joan Baxter at her workshop during the ATA retreat last summer in Tampa, last October's two week artist residency at Hambidge where I was immersed in the beauty of the early fall colors, followed almost immediately with several days of directed studies under the guidance of Steve Aimone at his studio in Asheville---and finally the catalyst of the visit to Silvia Heyden's studio a couple of months ago.

I'll be leaving the tapestry for a few days while I'm in Western North Carolina to visit friends, go to the Guild fair, then back to Hambidge to do a weaving demo on Saturday during the summer U-Do-Raku festival there. The thoughts of the tapestry will be with me while I'm away. In fact, it's with me constantly now--I even fall asleep thinking about it, my mind's eye seeing what I wove that day and wondering where I'll go on the next part of the journey.

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  1. This will be a beautiful tapestry, Tommye. The subtle coloration is elegant. No wonder you have the enthusiasm for it to weave it so quickly!