Thursday, July 30, 2009

A couple of links...

Lyn Hart recently posted wonderful photos of her class with Silvia Heyden. Here's the link--Lyn's slide show is a must-see!

I also just learned about a wonderful Australian artist, Tim Gresham. I've linked his website at the left in the "places to visit on the web" list. When I visited his site I realized I've seen his work before but am not sure where or when. Just a couple of days ago I noticed a link to his work posted by a friend on Facebook so I took a cyber trip there and was wowed!

That's one of the grand things about the web... the connections possible all over the world. Yes, the web can be time-hungry. But the potential for world-wide sharing of ideas still just astounds me. Of course, tapestry is most exciting when seen in real time--nothing matches the learning and appreciation that happens when standing before a tapestry in person. Yet, seeing such a variety from all over the world so easily through the internet is of tremendous value--to me at least!

Oh... why a picture of our cat, Raymond Purr? Just because!


  1. Thanks for the links!

    Raymond Purr - too funny!

  2. Even funnier is that Raymond is Raymond the 2nd--and no relationship what so ever with our first Ray. My husband just insisted that this little guy's name be changed from Sammy, what he came to us with as a tiny kitten eight years ago, to Raymond Purr II. Go figure!

  3. Thanks for the links, I have to say that Lynn kept me up past my bedtime the other night because I checked her site and became so enthralled with the slideshow that I forgot the time. It is fabulous