Monday, July 27, 2009

more progress on the current tapestry

I'm going to roll the tapestry forward shortly. I'm almost to the half way point in some areas. I've been able to weave quite a few hours each day in the past week--things move along much faster that way, don't they!? I began "weaving in earnest" on June 4, I notice as I look back in the blog. This is one of the reasons I like to blog--I can keep track of progress on tapestries pretty easily and it's helpful for me to have images for reference rather than just words in a calendar or journal. I'd really like to have this piece finished by October and a new piece on the loom for the fall and winter work.

Lots and lots and lots of color mixtures happening:


  1. It's looks just wonderful - and I like all the bobbins filled and sorted - like an artist's pallete. I'll need to get James working on more bobbins!

  2. I am so enjoying watching your tapestry grow, and the bobbins are amazing. I need to go back and read your entire blog! You are really making me want to bring my Glimakra "Sara" frame loom up and warp up for a tapestry. Thank you!