Friday, July 24, 2009

ATA blog tech article

Mary Lane recently asked several tapestry makers who are also bloggers to contribute essays about experiences with our blogs for the American Tapestry Alliance website at the ATA's Educational Article Series. Blog Tech is now online and it includes thoughts by Jan Austin, Elaine Duncan, Lyn Hart, Debbie Heard, and Kathe Todd-Hooker. My replies about my blog are also included. Lyn Hart has also listed a number of good resources for blogging, along with links to those.

Today, I looked back at my own blog beginnings (March of 2007) and see that it's grown in many ways as I continue to learn ways to share through this medium. And I find more and more blogs that I enjoy reading and link many of those here on mine.

Thanks to Jan, Elaine, Lyn, Debbie and Kathe for insight into their blog world!


  1. Hi Tommye, I cant wait to see what everyone else wrote. Going home now to charge my laptop and read everyones essays. Debbie.

  2. Thanks for the link. I enjoyed reading all the essays. I have nothing but appreciation and admiration for all of you who share your work with us. I learn much and enjoy the creative spirit you all have.

  3. This is great info. I want to set aside time to really read and absorb it!