Saturday, June 19, 2010

Retreat at Lillian E. Smith Center

I've just arrived at a retreat for three weeks--this is at the Lillian E. Smith Center for the Creative Arts.  I've spent most of the day getting the space I'll be staying in organized--moving suitcases and looms in, going to town for groceries, then going back later to borrow lights and fans from a friend since lighting in the cottage is not conducive to weaving and fans are very necessary for the high 90˚ temperatures we're having here in north Georgia.

I have two specific tasks to deal with, as I mentioned in an earlier post.  Maybe I'll write more about those as the three weeks progress--or maybe not.  Internet access is limited to being in the commons room and plugging the DSL connection back up.  We have quite a few thunderstorms around here (one just passed through, in fact) and the Director of the Center recommends that we unplug everything when we're not using it.

So here are a few quick views of my space--Peeler Cottage at the Center.  I'll take some more shots soon... right now, this is all that I've got.


  1. looks cosy, i could almost live there...k.

  2. Hi Kaite... yes, cozy is the operative word!
    Most of the time I have a bit more separation between working, sleeping, cooking, eating spaces!

    But all will be fine, I know.

  3. Will you be sharing the space? And do you do your own cooking? I assume there are other artists there, too. Will there be much interaction? These retreats of yours fascinate me!

  4. How wonderful to have three uninterupted weeks to concentrate!

  5. Hi Kathy,
    I've got the cottage to myself. This Center hosts fewer residents than Hambidge Center, where I've spent time before. I think there are three or maybe four others here. The turn-over is staggered so some may go while others come during my three weeks here. Yes, I do my own cooking here (Hambidge Center provides the evening meal--but not this Center).
    About interaction with others... I presume it will be little. I think there will be a group meal one night prepared by the director--but otherwise, we are to use our time to ourselves with our own work.
    I appreciate retreat times very much. I find them to be rejuvenating to me and I treasure the experiences I've had at retreats in the past--and hope this one will be equally invigorating.