Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday, away from Lillian Smith Center for much of the day...

After the early morning walk with camera in hand, I spent the next few hours by writing. 

After lunch, around 1 p.m., I went to Hambidge Center to deliver the runners I'd begun last July at the summer festival there. I was doing a weaving demonstration then, as one of the Hambidge Fellows.
I finished weaving the runners in December, when I spent a few days in Tiger as a resident at ECHO School while teaching a paper weaving class... I drove in to Hambidge for a day to complete them. I've had them at home and just finished the ends while spending the night at ECHO again last week. Full circle for those runners! So, now they're delivered--almost a year after beginning them. I may be slow at tasks sometimes but I'm almost always persistent enough to finish what I start!

Here are some of the early morning shots:
Red door below my cottage... someone's moved the posthole diggers!
Another of the many, many bound trees on either side of the road as I take the morning walk. Is this unusual for this area to see so many vines growing so large on trees? I haven't noticed it in other north Georgia or western North Carolina woods walks.

I love this sign that's posted just as one approaches the Director's cottage:
I'm trying out the macro feature of the new camera and here are a few shots using that:

Is this a fungus or a moss? Or are they the same??

Maybe this is a fungus...
...although this is definitely an acorn being partly hidden by an oak leaf!
OH NO! Not the Daddy Long Legs I photographed a few days ago, now lying here dead!! Surely it's one of his brothers... at least I hope so. I get so personally connected so quickly.
Here's where I'm living for a few weeks...
and where I'm spending time with my writing...

When I drove over to Hambidge to deliver the runners I saw Mr. Big curled up in a cement planter on the porch of the Weave Shed.
Then I went to ECHO for a bookmaking class taught by Peggy McBride. Peg has an ongoing Tuesday bookarts class for folks... several people come on a regular basis. Since I was nearby, I though I'd stop by for the class... lots of fun! I'll finish what I began today next Tuesday when she has a follow-up day to to tie up loose ends for the folks who've been her classes for several weeks.


  1. Such a lovely setting to be in...pure serenity!

  2. Hi TS...enjoyed having you in the book class tonight! Love the fungi shots--looks like you got a great start with the new camera. Could you link the school's new site to your blog list of places to visit on the web?
    www.echoartsschool.com (I usually capitalize ECHO when typing the name since it's an acroynym.) Thanks P

  3. Hi Kathy... I'll e-mail you about your question!