Friday, June 11, 2010

Northeast Georgia Arts Tour begins today!

This will be the first year our county is in the Northeast Georgia Arts Tour and many of the local artists' studios will be open for visitors, mine included.  

I have several friends joining me at my studio, working with painting, weaving, spinning and mixed media.  The tour dates are June 11-13, and hours are 1-5 today (Friday); 10-5 on Saturday; 1-5 on Sunday.   

Tomorrow, however, I'll be cloning myself (I only wish!) to go with Pat Williams to the Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia, SC so we can do tapestry demonstrations in conjunction with the tapestry exhibit, Imperial Splendor: Renaissance Tapestries from Vienna.  I'll be back with the others for the arts tour on Sunday.  Come by to visit!


  1. What a great idea! I wish I could motor down and visit!

  2. You should motor down to take in the tapestry show, if you can! Pat & I did our demo yesterday and were able to spend some time in the exhibit getting up close and personal with the tapestries--or at least as close as the security man would let us get! Dang, it's a long way to Columbia, SC, from northeast GA, though!! Even longer from East TN!