Sunday, August 31, 2008

more from Tumbling Fun Falls Conservation Easement

Yesterday's photos of the new trail weren't the only ones I took while in NC.  And, the name--Tumbling Fun Falls (or Tumblin' Fun Falls) is one that was noted in a book, The Land of Waterfalls, by Jim Bob Tinsley about waterfalls in Transylvania County, NC.  Tumblin' Fun is the falls shown in the photos in this post.  It's on the property that Noel & Patrick have recently placed in a conservation easement; over 100 acres of beautiful cove forest that will be preserved forever.  Whitewater Falls is not too far away.

On Noel & Patrick's property there are two falls, the Tumbling Fun Falls shown here and Dorothy's Falls, which was inspiration for many of the photos taken a few weeks well as the sketches and watercolors.  There are quite a number of seeps, springs and small creeks on the place, too.

Although dry again this year, Noel & Patrick continue to be able to grow the most marvelous plants.  The beauty of these show the deep love both N & P have for nature and for healthy, beneficial ways to grow food for themselves.  As I left yesterday, Noel was planning for an afternoon of elderberry jam making.  But not only are the cultivated plants wonderful, all of the surrounding forms show such vitality.

After the new trail walk, Patrick and I went down to the base of Tumbling Fun Falls where I took a number of photos.  I'll take the watercolors there next time I go up; there's a rock at the base of the falls that I can get to pretty easily and so I'll be able to sit almost directly under the falling water to paint.  

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