Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Democratic National Convention

I've been so thrilled to discover that I can watch live coverage of daily events at the Democratic National Convention, online on my laptop!  Now talk about weaving with meaning, watching Mark Warner give a rousing keynote address last night while I was weaving on the fiddlehead tapestry--that was something to be treasured.  This tapestry is about renewal--and that's what this campaign represents to me, a chance for the American people to renew their sense of values and honor their commitment to all of our citizens--not just a select few.

I was energized watching all of the strong women speak last night, too.  And what a speech by Michelle Obama on Monday night,  as she spoke so eloquently about her background and family; how her experiences and those of her husband mirror those of so many Americans as they strive to be the best people they can be, in spite of or because of their circumstances.

I also was glad to see and hear Hillary Clinton last night.  She had my vote in the primary but I'm happy to move on to Barack Obama now as my candidate.  I found his 2004 keynote address on the videos at the DNC website, too--I was very happy to see it again and I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's acceptance speech.  

I don't usually make overt political statements through bumper stickers, yard signs, or campaign buttons but I've taken to wearing an Obama pin, his face encased in a bottle cap with milagro heart attached, that I bought at Folk Fest last week. The woman from whom I bought the pin is donating 1/2 of her proceeds from sales of Obama pins to his campaign.

OK, so this is my first and last political post....nothing from next week, I'm sure!  I'll be back to talking about tapestry and other assorted things I'm up to--and anxiously waiting for the next four months to pass.


  1. I'm definitely NOT into politics (!) but I am pleased by the ability to watch things on my computer. I realized only a few months ago, that I could blow up the images full screen and the result was far better quality than what was on our TV. I showed my husband and we bought a new TV the next day (Our Tv was about 20 years old.....don't you think it was time?!?!)

  2. uff,

    personally, I am tired of trying to figure out which of the two parties puts up the least offensive candidate. Would love to have your zeal about a candidate, any candidate, and very tired of the presidential election process beginning 2 years before the fact. Can you tell I am frustrated?

  3. Peg...yes, the computer viewing is really pretty amazing to me!
    And...yep, I'm also tired of the election process taking two is indeed frustrating. Yet having the ability to be frustrated in this way is part of our national treasure, I guess--that we can have our many voices, all demanding to be heard.