Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fiddleheads continue

Well, I'm slogging along on the fiddlehead tapestry.  I'm finding this last half to be very s-l-o-w going, for many reasons.  One is that I lost momentum on it as I made several trips in and out of town (even when the tapestry went along with me!) and I'm finding it hard to regain that push.  But, I certainly wouldn't have wanted to miss the trips since they were sources of much needed R & R as well as lots of inspiration!!  

And, I'm into harder areas now...many head-scratching parts in which I really have to make constant decisions about color choices.  Since I started following the roughly drawn cartoon very loosely, that becomes harder and harder along the way--especially since I'm running out of a few of the smaller wool yarns that I've incorporated into many of the color blends.  I'm trying to anticipate what I'll lose next and work something else into areas so the change won't be too startling.  Or as my niece used to say when she was around four:  "Oh, I MEANT to do that!" 

The tapestry size is to be 30" h  x 25" w --I'm weaving it sideways so it's 30" across the width of the loom.  Today the highest point is at 20" and the lowest at 17".  Then I've got about an inch of hem to weave once I level off the image.

I'd hoped to have this tapestry ready for the instructors' exhibit at Penland during fall concentration when Pat, Peggy and I were scheduled to teach.  However, we learned on Thursday that the class is being cancelled because of low enrollment.  BUMMER!  There were only four who'd signed up for the class....

AND, the Arrowmont class, scheduled Sept. 28-Oct. 4, is looking pretty iffy now, too!  Only two are on the roster at this point and I know that class will need at least five to make it fly.  Seems I may have an unintentional sabbatical since I'd asked not be scheduled at NGCSU this fall because of the Penland and Arrowmont commitments.

Doors open and doors close.  It will all be fine.  AND, now I intend for this tapestry to be one of my Blue Ridge Handweaving Show entries!  Pieces are due at that exhibit by September 26, I believe.  The entry form and fee went in a week or so ago.


Peg in South Carolina said...

A number of years ago I took a beginning tapestry course at Arrowmont. There were five us. Guess I was lucky! I do hope your workshop makes it. Even though I am not a tapestry weaver, I remember that workshop with great fondness.

tapestry13 said...

Hi Peg,
Thanks for the encouragement for the Arrowmont class! I'm hoping it will come through. A small number in class can be very rewarding for all.

Debbie Herd said...

Hi Tommye, Love the colours, good luck with getting it finished on time. Debbie.

tapestry13 said...

Hi Debbie,
Thanks! I'll be checking your blog to see your progress, too.

lyn said...

Wow, Tommye, I am so sorry to hear that your class was cancelled, that IS a bummer. I hope your Arrowmont class pulls through.

Must be a sign of the times... I just received word last week that the Desert Weaving Workshop where I first learned to weave & where I was scheduled to teach two classes this fall here in Tucson is closing & my classes are cancelled.

Hmmm, how about condensing what you & Pat were going to teach at Penland & submitting it for 2010 Convergence? Sign me up!


tapestry13 said...

Hi Lyn,
So sorry to hear about the closing and that your classes are cancelled! Convergence proposal?? Hummmm...hadn't considered that but thanks for putting the bee in my bonnet about that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tommye,

Sonetime ago -I think it might have been in early Spring-you made a trip to the woods. This was when you made pictures of the your Fiddleheads. You also wrote a great description of the plants and creek and other things there. I was so taken by your words, "The sky was bright blue,clouds floating around,light and shadow chased each other through the trees and danced through the ferns with the breeze". You finished up with the gentle constant sound of the creek. When I see this tapestry, I keep thinking, talk about putting your words into action, man! It's gonna be great.