Saturday, August 30, 2008

A magical spot

I've just returned from another couple of days in North Carolina, staying overnight at Noel & Patrick's Thursday and Friday nights.  Sandwiched in between the visit at Tumbling Fun Falls was a trip into Asheville for a Guild committee meeting.

Noel and Patrick have opened up a new trail on the property and we took a walk along that this morning before I left.  This path is my favorite now!  It meanders through laurel hells and along the creek, dense layer of leaf litter and humus underfoot.  I took quite a few photos on the walk but most didn't turn out very well.  But I manipulated a few of the shots with iPhoto in an attempt to give a sense of the timeless quality that I feel in the place.  I could imagine these woods giving off the same essence of spiritual presence 100 years ago--or 1,000 years ago.  It's as though this cove forest stands removed from time in the way I experience it.

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