Monday, August 11, 2008

Mining the Surface exhibition is open

Wow!  I just visited the Swan Coach House website to read news of the Mining the Surface exhibition and see that my tapestry is front and center in the exhibit!  I'm so jazzed about this!!  The gallery page has a changing photo of views of the exhibit.  There are more photos in the gallery link of works in the show.  

The opening reception is September 4, 6-8 p.m. 


  1. Tommye, it sounds like you are having quite a summer! I hope I get to go to the opening of "Mining the Surface." It looks very interesting. How wonderful to see textiles displayed in the Atlanta area, too. It's very exciting to see where your piece is hanging! I went to Kryder Gallery Saturday to see the show. The gallery space is lovely and John was very nice. The show is great. (So is the ceramic show.) I recognized several of your pieces, but I'm not sure if I had seen your piece at the top of the stairs before. I really liked it. I also liked Peggy's 3-d piece with the bird in the cage -- it struck me as particularly sad. It was funny when I noticed one of Diane's pieces hanging on the wall in another of her pieces! Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I enjoyed the show.

  2. Hi Tommye- I finally took time today to visit your blog. It is as beautiful as always. The drawings and paintings from Noel's and Patrick's home are lovely and inspiring. I love the drawings most.

    I am about to return to work after a week of playing. Last week I tie-dyed with the children at Horse Day Camp (Emma was a counsellor) and that made the old tie-dye urges get going again. Today I re-dyed some ones I didn't like from Day Camp, and also experimented with using a foam horse stamp on pre-dyed and re-activated cloth. Pretty good results. Also activated cloth with soda ash and did a monoprint t-shirt using brushed patterns across a plastic garbage bag. It worked too, only I'll be more careful next time about not having big blobs of color. The plastic makes a cool pattern. I'll upload on Works of Life in a day or so to show results. I'm playing with the idea of a business in horse-related things. I think I have some good ideas. Will see how it all goes; the tie-dye is promising.

    I got to watch Emma in a riding clinic all morning yesterday. That is my watching a sport- didn't know I had one til not long ago. Tomorrow is lesson, and I hope to ride Jack and work on cantering. He is a sage in a horse suit. Rode him trail riding Tuesday, and he wanted to go away from the barn on several trails. I couldn't go because my friend Katherine was riding Lori, who is recovering from a muscle injury. It is very nice to see Jack happy.

    Thanks for posting the pictures of the Kryder Show. It looks great.

    ALSO- that "Mining the Surface" card is awesome, and so is the photo of your piece in the exhibit. Once again, I am proud to know you.