Sunday, May 25, 2008

only a week left for May tapestry!

I've been plugging away at the daily installment on my month of May tapestry journal. Here's the progress that's been rolled to the back of the loom. I've flipped the photo so the first day is at the bottom, as I intend it to read. The current week's work is at the front of the loom...shown at the left in the margin.

I'm still also working with the fiddlehead & fern designs...lots of different ideas developing there and I'm going where they're leading for right now. I'll be doing a demo during the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands, July 17-20 at the Asheville Civic Center, Asheville, NC. I want to have a piece underway for that demonstration from what's developing as a series of tapestries based on these spring thoughts.

I'm also building a pipe loom, adapting from Archie Brennan's black pipe loom design by making on a smaller scale. I'll use that loom in Asheville, rather than one of my other ones, I think.

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