Saturday, May 10, 2008

more fiddleheads...and some flame azaleas

I began a new version of the fiddleheads yesterday, drawing from small gesture drawings based on earlier photos in the woods. I did the drawing quickly using large chalk and also gaphite stick on canvas I'd stenciled and stamped the day before with varying greens using fern fronds. I worked on it again today, still very loose and large marks and brush strokes. The dark red in the background was done for contrast at the last minute. The canvas was taken outside, photographed and then I manipulated the photo with Photoshop filters to this stage.

The flame azalea photo was taken at the creek property this morning...the colors of these plants in different places in the woods is just amazing...hue ranges from this very intense deep red-orange to light orange sherbet-like version in another place nearby.

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