Tuesday, May 20, 2008

more fiddleheads

So, the design work (and for me it's indeed work!) continues as I try to develop a tapestry based on the fiddleheads and ferns. Today I finally went over the edge and cut all three paintings I've been working on apart. I've manipulated the real things and also the digital versions for weeks now and I need to do something to shake myself up--try to get out of this mudhole I've gotten myself into.

Maybe this will all become a large floorcloth, glued together and sealed...who knows at this point.

But I decided to see what I could do from this photo by putting it into Photoshop and doing some fiddlin' (pun intended?!)

So here's some stuff happening and it's causing some shifts in my thinking--may not yet be productive but at least I'm moving away toward something else...away from the cycle of work and re-work on the three paintings.


  1. I like what's happening on the cut apart pieces on the ground. What if you filled those blank/white spaces with dark (a very dark purple-black is what I 'see')? For me, this is the fun part!

  2. Hi Kathy!
    Thanks for the thoughts...and I'd already put it into Photoshop and started pulling colors out of the designs with the eyedropper and using the paintbucket to fill in spots. I'm so excited I could pee about this right now! (OK, so most of the time have to pee at some point anyway but you get the drift, I'm sure).

    Yes, now I'm finally having fun--not so much work right now.