Monday, May 5, 2008

more ferns and other things

into the woods on Sunday...
I've been busy for a few days with other things...the fiddlehead studies have been simmering. I took a trip back to the creek property yesterday and the change in a week's time was just amazing! The whole woods' floor is covered with new fern fronds...only a few unfurled fiddleheads still evident.

I spotted a few trillium and quite a few flame azaleas. There were a number of other wildflowers I can't yet identify--got to get my books out today to see if I can locate them.

The sky was absolutely as blue as it can get, it seemed. And there were many bright clouds floating around. The light and shadow chased each other through the trees and danced through the ferns with the breeze. The creek sound was gentle and constant.

I took both sketchbook and camera; I downloaded 119 photos to iPhoto when I got back but have only printed a few to draw from today. I spent more time looking around or looking through the camera viewfinder than I did with the sketchbook. But I did finally sit on a log for a few minutes and do a few thumbnail sketches of a few of the views of tree trunks. I love to see the figure-ground relationships of trees in the woods. I've taken many photos through the years of these--and also made a number of sketches. I want to weave from this concept at some point. Maybe that point is closer than before...

So, here are a few of the wonderful things I saw yesterday.


  1. Tommye,
    I enjoy your descriptions of the vegetation, trees, sky, etc. almost as much as the tapestries.

  2. Thanks! I love looking...sometimes I also am able to see!

  3. Hi Tommye, I recognize the bush with the brown blossoms as spicebush or sweetshrub. If you pick one of the blossoms and hold it in your hand to warm it, it will smell spicy. Not sure what the other one is.

    Sue Schwarz

  4. Sue,
    Thanks! I've got the word out to some master gardeners around here for help identifying the other one.
    I'll try holding one of the blossoms, as you suggest.