Tuesday, May 20, 2008

and still more...

Finally I'm feeling some excitement after about three weeks of not being able to "see" what I was trying to accomplish with this concept! And it's about joy! About spring...fleeting as it is...it's still shockingly beautiful to see and experience when it's here.

So I'm moving ahead right now, I think. Also started an altered book about these fiddleheads/ferns today, too. Someplace to keep all these things that I can grab quickly--right now everything is in either stacks, filefolders, about three different sketchbooks, assorted journals...as well as in these posts. I found a hardcover book at the local library, about 8" x 10" in size, with interesting text that I can partly conceal and somewhat reveal. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon cutting and pasting in the tangible form...not just with the computer!

But I have done a number of versions of one of the photos I took of the parts cut from the painting in the last post. They were laying on the walk while I rearranged them...my thought was to glue them down to a larger canvas but at this point I'd rather keep them as big moveable parts and photograph them in different configurations. I'll use Photoshop to make other changes in color, contrast and texture--as well as being able to zoom, crop, cut, paste.

Now I'm having fun!


  1. Tommye, I have loved watching your progression through 'fiddleheads' - now that you are having fun, I bet you find a version to do in tapestry. It would make a lovely floor cloth too.


  2. Good morning, Tommye.

    This iteration is really splendid! On my monitor, it looks like a perfect complementary scheme, and the composition rocks.

    I can see it as a tapestry, or as a combination of tapestry and crewel, or as a multilayered tapestry -- working the fiddleheads on a completely different layer. The possibilities abound! No wonder you're being challenged with finding just the way to go.

    You're getting sooo close. I can just feel it!

    Weave like an Egyptian,