Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vandiver Sleeping

I finished the mounting steps for Vandiver Sleeping tapestry. I stitched the tapestry onto a foam core board that I'd covered with dark red fabric. I then attached that to a canvas stretcher also covered with fabric--that one a dark blue-green.

The tapestry is 11" h x 14" wide and the total size, including background mounting board, is 14" h x 18" wide. The board with the tapestry stitched to it is adhered to the background board with industrial strength velcro. Since that one isn't too heavy this solution should work fine.

This is the fifth cat tapestry I've woven since 1988 and the third of this particular cat, Vandiver. All of them (except for the first one that sold years ago) are shown on the gallery section of my Southern Highland Craft Guild web page,

Now that this piece has been put to rest, I'm wanting to begin the next tapestry. As I have no composition from which to work in place yet, I'll be spending time deciding on the direction to be taken. Images I see all around me right now are of the spring season, since trees are budding and leafing out. I've been drawing details of some aspects of the season,and also thinking and writing a bit more about renewal/regeneration.

Spring is so fleeting...already some trees have their fresh, bright green leaves almost full sized. Several, like the black walnut trees in the yard, are a few weeks behind in leaf development. The business of life on nature's schedule...moving ahead without delay!


  1. Love the borders! So colorful - they seem like they just might wake him up!

  2. Thanks, Kathy!
    I love those black and white (or white and black) cats because they just shout out for lots of color around them.

    For Vandiver, I chose a tetrad color design, using one of Itten's color arrangements--this one of four colors selected as a rectangle is placed on the color wheel. In this case, I chose intermediates of red-orange, red-violet, yellow-green, blue-green. I used tints and shades of these, most of them pretty saturated. For the weft I used blends of three of the larger Vevgarn, and two of smaller wools.

    I just love playing with color and flattening images!