Friday, April 25, 2008

I took the painting outside today to work with more light...added darks to the background and worked on the fiddleheads more. I also worked more on the first composition. I stapled the canvas to the side of the garage and painted there, mainly adding marks suggesting the vines behind...these were painted around with darker mixtures of paint just to get value changes. I'll go back over the vine areas later and lower the contrast so they're barely visible in the background.

I worked on the second composition yesterday, adding a third fiddlehead and some marks to the background to indicate where fern suggestions may go. I also took digital shots of details of both pieces and manipulated with filters in Photoshop. I'm thinking I'll finish off a couple of narrow warps on frame looms using details of the spiraling centers as I'm planning the larger tapestry based on these.

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