Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Off in the woods on Earth Day!

And yet again
seasons change
spring comes
summer follows
fall returns
to welcome winter's

I spent a couple of hours in the woods near a small creek yesterday. I am collecting images to begin the process for the next tapestry design. I'd been to this spot, on property we own, last week and discovered the fiddleheads emerging. It was near dusk last week but I took a few photographs and began the "research" that I typically do when I am thinking about the next tapestry. My process involves seeking information through books and on the web for the topic that's pulling me.

This spring, spirals have been showing up in my thoughts so I'd already started seeking what images might be good ones to consider. The renewal of spring is also all around right now...seasonal changes usually shake up my eyes and my thinking. I googled "spiral growth patterns" and found many sites...this one is quite nice--information easy for my non-scientific brain to absorb! Spirals are found in phyllotaxis. This leads me to other links about spirals in nature...including Spiralzoom and Spira mirabilis or miraculous spiral...

I've searched the web for identification of the ferns with the fiddleheads that I was finding and believe it's Christmas fern--polystichum acrostichoides.

At the studio I've begun to paint large versions of the fiddleheads on canvas, referencing my photos and my sketchs, looking for the image(s) that may lead to the next tapestry composition.

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  1. like really like your reflection of nature in your tapestry!
    Great weaving!