Monday, April 28, 2008

more revisions...

A suggestion from crop at the top and right. I did that this afternoon and also changed the background, simplifying it by washing over the stems and leaf shapes in the background so they became more suggested than specific. I photographed the painting then manipulated in Photoshop with several filters...only three are shown here. The design has undergone several changes in the past few days...from the postings I made on April 23 and April 25 to what's here now.

I didn't have time to work with the other two compositions that are underway while I was at the studio today...will be Wednesday when I get back to them. I'm hoping to finalize the compositional studies soon (like this week!) so I can begin warping the loom.

My next decisions will be about warp sett and final size for the tapestry. I'd like to use the larger loom again but I also would like to have this piece finished before late summer.


  1. I'm really liking it! I especially like the textural look of the bottom one. A challenge in tapestry, but do-able with color blending, don't you think? Kathy

  2. It's taking on a dreamy quality that is very soothing, and yet it still has that lively growing feel to it. I think it will be a wonderful tapestry (or tapestries).

  3. Thanks for the feedback, K & J! I'm getting closer, I think...maybe a few more days. I hope to get the other two out for more work today and let this one "simmer" a bit more...