Tuesday, February 5, 2008

win some, lose some...

Back to the big tree tapestry today! I have just a few more inches to go at the top of the piece (which is really the right side border when the tapestry turns its 90˚ to hang.

Voted first thing this morning for my lady (guess we all know who that is!) and then back to the studio to weave some more. I was to meet a student about 11 a.m., I though, but she was actually getting there about noonish after one of her classes. In the meantime, while I was waiting, thought I'd walk home to see if the ATB7 announcement was in the mail. Well, it was and I'm REJECTED--or rather, not to take it too personally--my work was not accepted for the exhibit.
According to my letter, 40 tapestries were taken from about 171 submitted.

I feel good about the work I submitted, feel it's the best I've done to this point in my tapestry life. Less than 1/4 of the works entered were accepted. I know those that are chosen are exceptional in their own way--as mine are as well. I'm eager to see the exhibit this summer--just love to see tapestries!

My studio guest arrived back at her home safely, according to her e-mail yesterday. She sure looked happy at the studio in the photos I took at the last minute!

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