Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the pressure is on!

I have about one to two inches across the 60" width to complete in the tapestry before the hem area. Pat and I have a session with her photographer on Thursday. I have class tomorrow afternoon/night. SO, the plan is to get to the studio very early and knock this sucker out!

I'm facing a potential problem I've only encountered once before when weaving tapestry...a warp thread that is possibly going to separate before I finish. It's out of the area to be woven into the piece so can deal with it when and if it happens. But, I really don't look forward to spending the time fooling with it that it will take.

I think (I know) the problem has come from the metal bar at the middle of the shafts...there's rust on both support bars and those have rubbed back and forth against the threads as the shafts change in the shed. Although the warp is a thick and sturdy seine twine, this abrasion is more than usual and I didn't notice it happening until there was a pretty rubbed up spot developing.

I'll fix the problem with the metal bar before the next warp goes on but now I'm just crossing my fingers to get through this one without losing time.

DEADLINES...I love them!


  1. You go, girl! I can't believe how quickly you have woven this one! I need deadlines, too, to get things done. In fact, I'd better get back to my own....

  2. Yes, my goal was to see if I could do it in two months. I started the hem on Dec. 15 (of course, it had taken a couple of days to get the warp made and loom dressed/threaded). I haven't worked on it every day of the two months but quite a bit!