Tuesday, February 19, 2008

three for three!

Received in this morning's mail:

"Dear Tommye:

We regret that the exhibit entry listed below was not accepted...."

So, back to the loom and let's see what next I can enter!

P.S. The entry was the waterlily tapestry, the exhibit was Small Expressions


  1. that's how it goes sometimes, hateful and demoralising as it is... hang on in there.

  2. Tommye, I arrived home to a rejection too - one I really thought I'd be accepted into (another HGA one). Ah, well. Somehow it's not that big a deal anymore. You and I, we're 'old hats' at both rejection and success. That's life - and it's OK.

  3. Me too Tommye....Had I but known in time I would have sent my Small Expressions tapestry to Woven Gems, since I like it even better than the one I sent, but the rejection arrived too late. sigh.

    Jan in RI