Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ok, I'm over it!

Moving on, I'm working on a new tapestry. This one is for the Land exhibit in Australia. Deadlines are my friend and this one should be finished by the first of March so I can get it mailed off.

I'm revisiting an earlier design as I weave this piece. I try to challenge myself in some way with every tapestry I do. Sometimes the challenges are large and sometimes they're small. This time I'm weaving without a cartoon stitched behind and referencing my cartoon "by eye." The image is abstracted so may be improvised as I weave.

The concept continues my varied thoughts about nature and human interaction. The design is based on enlargements and croppings from earlier explorations of images concerning Agent Orange. One of the design elements used in most of the earlier weavings dealing with that topic have an orange line of thread used throughout. This one is continuing that.

As I use it in these works the color orange symbolizes an "unhealthy" something. It may be emotional, intellectual or physical. The interaction of the color with other colors is sometimes jarring and sometimes harmonious. To compare the woven effect of the orange line blended with other colors it's similar to putting an light transparent orange wash over all colors in watercolor, or using orange prismacolor throughout other colors in a drawing.


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  2. Hello Tommye,

    Sorry your entry didn't get accepted, but keep going. I have recently discovered your tapestry weaving blog, and look forward to following your ongoing progress.

    Best wishes from Steve, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

  3. Thanks Steve,
    I took a look at your blog and very much enjoyed reading your thoughtful comments about your work. I'll visit you often!