Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lose some, lose some more!

OK, this is getting kinda irritating! Another rejection today!

All right. I'm over it now (well, not really--give me a few hours to think about a double whammy--two days in a row).

BUT, this is my goal for the enter more juried exhibits again. For the past two years I've had a lot of work out and about but most has been in invitational or group shows. I think tapestry needs to be represented in all media exhibits and I'd like for my tapestries to be among those shown.

So, move on...finish this large piece...start the next! I hope to cut this one off by Sunday night!


  1. Well, Tommye- all my sympathies. If I could learn to handle rejection, half my worries would be over. Rejections just blow me out of the water for days, so I don't try lots of things. It helps that you share yours because if someone as good as you are gets them, then if I get one, I am in awesome company. So- now the publish-the-book issues.....

    I think riding horses helps. I have a terror of falling, and part of riding has to do with the acceptance of that possibility. Falling and rejection are very linked in my spirit.

    I had to ride in the advanced lesson last week. Thankfully, all the teenagers were ones I knew, and they cheered me on. Dimples and I did cantering in the ring twice (we have yet to round a corner together, however, Dimples does it fine with other riders) and we jumped the highest I've ever gone (it looked like the Wall of China). I was springy for the jumping- your knees have to be shock absorbers,and Bob, my teacher's husband and a great rider said from the sideline, "Well done!" Sweet praise from an expert. I hope the horse stories don't bore you to death.

  2. AK,
    I always love your horse stories!

    And rejection needs to be tempered with an a recognition of the fact that the judging process is always subjective.

    I've stopped being a judge when asked because it IS so subjective. Try as hard as I can to be totally objective when I see works my opinions are always only that--my opinions.

    So, keep on riding and keep on jumping! You'll do a great job most of the time--and when you fall, the ground is (maybe) pretty soft!