Sunday, September 13, 2009


I finally took a look at the LibraryThing website this morning, signed up and began adding a catalog of my books. It's so easy--don't know why I haven't done so before. This looks like it may be a good way to share books with which I'm familiar with students. Not share the book itself but the list of things I've found to be helpful and inspirational.

I soon got beyond the number of books included in the free catalog and paid the $25 that's supposed to be the life-time charge for continuing to catalog as many to my library as I want. My studio books are what I've starting with--novels, exhibition catalogs and other things will follow, I'm sure!

Even though I've spent quite a bit of time entering books to my catalog today I've also had time to weave more on the big tapestry and to listen to the last CD of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (it's an amazing book). This afternoon I rolled the warp forward since the tapestry had gotten to the point it was too high to comfortably weave. I've said it before but I'll say it again... I really like this loom! I can see about 26" up on the woven area before needing to roll the tapestry around to the cloth beam.

More inches to be done tomorrow after acupuncture appointment! Oh... and when finding the link to The Story of Edgar Sawtelle to put here I followed one of the author's tangents to find Wordle. And generated the word cloud of the text at the top of this post... too much fun!

Wordle: Untitled


  1. The tapestry is looking great....Love the wordle. Looks like a new fun thing to try.

    Sue S

  2. Really enjoyed viewing your website. Time marches on a saying I use quite often. Beautiful piece I might add. I found your blog through Jennifer Peavey's blog...glad I did!