Thursday, August 21, 2008

another NC visit

I spent a couple of days in North Carolina again this week.  There was a board meeting for Southern Highland Craft Guild that I attended on Tuesday.  On my way to Asheville I stopped overnight with friends, Noel and Patrick.  Once again we had wonderful Thanksgiving meals--THANKSGIVING for the fantastic food they grow and the delicious meals Noel prepares from their bounty.

Just a couple of shots of veggies here...I'd posted more a couple of weeks ago after Thomas and I spent some days there.  Am I food obsessed?  Only for the wonderful goodies that are available here!

So we had fun with the "cauliflower ear"...Noel said that this particular cauliflower was a big as her head.  In fact, it appears to be even bigger in the second photo!

Dahlias are among the many types of plants Patrick enjoys growing.  These two shots are only a couple of the kinds and colors that are blooming right now.

My two good buddie furry friends, Erika and Parker, were happy to see me again!  They're both bearded collies.  Parker is just a few weeks over a year old and is he ever a sweetheart!  Erika has a couple of her toys around in the kitchen as she and I were photographed.

The tapestries I've done of apples were based on paintings I did of apples on a couple of the trees at Noel & Patrick's.  Both of those trees are producing much fruit this year.  Here's one of the Golden Blushing and a shot of branches full of the Yates.

I didn't have time at this visit to continue with the Dorothy's Falls studies I'd started earlier in August.  The thoughts of developing a tapestry based on those continue to percolate though...maybe those studies will turn into my next design struggle!  I've got a good start on image collection, that's for sure.

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