Friday, July 4, 2008

Glad to be home again to celebrate the 4th of July

First things first!  Happy 4th of July to the United States of America.  Our small town will be celebrating the 4th all day with many different activities that will appeal to young and old--and those in-between.  My presentation of the flag at my studio is two held in a jar with red, white and blue yarns.  Fireworks at the campus tonight...should be fun if the predicted thunderstorms hold off awhile.  We need rain badly, though, so I don't think it will dampen the festivities too much if it comes.

  I'll be working on editing photos from last week's activities in Florida and post those in the next day or so.  I'm online at my studio, with a new computer--thanks to a visit to the Apple store near Atlanta yesterday and with help from a very nice young Mac man shown here as he packaged up some of my goodies.


  1. Hey Tommye!!

    It's Trey, from the Apple Store! Just had your card lying on my desk, when I picked it up and visited your blog. Your art is amazing! It's insane that you can do all of that...

    I also found my picture.

    I have only been working there for a week, and it is customers like you that make me want to stay. I went home and told my family about such a nice and genuine person I helped today.

    I lived in New Hampshire for a while, and people there are just... different. Everyone has a better vibe to them. You just brought back that persona. Most people around Roswell/Alpharetta are not like that.

    I'm glad we crossed paths..

  2. Hi Trey!
    Thanks for visiting the blog and saying hello! I really enjoyed working with you at the Apple store...they really should have given you a commission on the sale! You were very, very helpful and I appreciate it so much. As far as vibes...visit the north Georgia mountains sometime...lots of great "characters" here. Not so much the same attitude and push as in the Atlanta area. Different directions here.

    Hope your job continues to be fun and that you solve the challenges presented by each one in such a good way as you did mine!

    Thanks again for all your help (Steve Jobs would be proud!!)