Monday, July 28, 2008

Exhibition coming up: Mining the Surface

I'll be delivering a tapestry later this week for an upcoming exhibition in Atlanta.  Called "Mining the Surface: New Sensibilities in Art Textiles," the exhibit will be held at Swan Coach House Gallery, 3130 Slaton Dr., NW, Atlanta, GA, August 7-September 20, 2008.  I was quite thrilled last week to get an e-mail from the gallery director with the proof of the post card and find my tapestry as the image selected to be on the face of it!  This was one of the pieces rejected for the ATB7 show--but I'm very happy to have it with me now, and to have had it selected by the curators for this Atlanta exhibit.  


  1. woohoo Tommye

    How great. That is a wonderful tapestry and what a thrill to have it used on their postcard. Congratulations.


  2. Congrats, Tommye! It is so thrilling to have your work chosen to represent an exhibit. If they send you a whole bunch to send out, I'd love to have one show up in my mailbox!