Friday, June 27, 2008

more news from Tampa!

The reception tonight for the ATB7 was just grand. Many of the artists were there, including Marcia Ellis who I met in 2001 at Penland when we were in the spring concentration class taught by Archie and Susan. Marcia's piece in ATB7 is stunning and I'll post photos of us (Marcia, Barbara, Kathy and me) standing in front of it when I get home next week. I took more shots around and about today, also, of a few other things in town.

Our regional group, Tapestry Weavers South, had a number of members at the convention center at the same time around lunch today; Terri Stewart, our president, had invited whoever could make it to meet up and chat at noonish.

The day was less hectic than yesterday...lots less traveling around and about, more time for taking in what we were seeing.

Tomorrow the tapestry events begin in earnest with the ATA forum from 11-2 p.m. Then we move on to Eckard College in St. Petersburg to being the 3 day workshops with Joan Baxter and Mary Zicafoose. It's all just very inspiring and exciting!

OH, and another fabulous thing happened sister-in-law "boot camp" recruit called to tell me she'd just cut off her first hand towel from her new loom!! She then sent a photo of it to my're reading this, Joan...I think you've now been promoted a grade! Congratulations!!


  1. Thankyou for the updates from Convergence Tommye...these events are just so exciting and important.


  2. Hi Pam,
    Sorry not to reply before but Pat and I were without e-mails at St. Petersburg at the ATA retreat. But, here we are on the way home, stopped at a little motel on the side if I-75 and I'm on Pat's computer again!

    Yes, the Convergence events were grand but the really important ones to us (me and Pat and about 25-28 others at the Eckerd College ATA Retreat) were the things that happened to us afterwards. The workshops by Joan Baxter that I took and Mary Zicafoose that Pat had were wonderful--to say the very least.