Wednesday, July 23, 2008

R & R (recover and recharge)

Southern Highland Craft Guild Fair, summer edition--overview of one side of the arena of the Asheville Civic Center and booths set up there.  The concourse was also filled with booths.  This was one of the largest Fairs ever, with over 200 craftsmen participating.    This was the 61st annual fair.

Diane gets her demonstration space ready early last Thursday morning as we're about to begin our four day experience.  She and I were set up side by side in the center of the arena.

So here I am, ready, willing and able to talk, talk, talk about tapestry!  Lots of people stopped to watch and chat.  And I wish I'd kept a note of how many people told me that they appreciated getting to see the demonstrations!  The small loom in front of my larger loom was used occasionally when there were children who were really curious about the whole process.  Maybe some budding tapestry weavers will develop from those who worked on the small loom.

This young weaver spent 15 or 20 minutes working with her weaving.  

So, all in all the Guild Fair was great fun--a wonderful time to share what I love to do with young and old.  Having the chance to spend four days with a dear friend wasn't bad, either.  Diane arrived home safely and she's busy with her R & R in Baltimore.  I'm just about to begin mine here in Georgia after spending a hectic day on Tuesday spent hanging a new exhibit.  

Five fiber artists are joining forces for a show we've titled "TEXTiles" -- at Kryder Gallery in Dahlonega, August 1-September 18.  Three of us  with works in the show (plus one husband), worked with Jeff Kryder to install the pieces.  Jeff and his staff will finish the details and the opening will be on Saturday, August 2, from 1-3 p.m.  

The exhibit includes tapestry, mixed media fabric, handmade books, an wonderful sculpture in rusted metal and fabric, as well as the collaged torso below.  I have enjoyed working with these four friends with this goal in mind and Jeff has been great to work over the past couple of months as the exhibit has come together.  

Here's  a photo AK (one of the artists in the exhibit) took of Peggy and me in one part of the hallway while we're installing the works; yes, Peggy is usually in that particular forward motion!  And, me--stretched to the limit--again, as usual!!

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