Friday, July 11, 2008

so here's a quick photo of the fiddlehead tapestry...

The Guild fair demo is less than a week away and I'm trying to make headway on the tapestry I'll have at the fair--the fiddlehead one that I've been working on for awhile now...seems like forever but I only began it in June.  But I've been able to get it to the point I wanted before the fair...through the spiral of the two fiddleheads.  I can improvise much easier in background and leaves than through the spiral and be able to talk to fair visitors, as well.

My friend, Diane Getty, who is a wonderful fabric collage artist will be set up for demo near my booth at the fair.  She works in dyed and stitched fabrics pieces in which nature plays a strong inspirational role.  She also has a quirky sense of humor and has a series of what she calls "modern day saints" that include St. Prozac and St. Cell Phone.  Her "Tree of Life" hanging includes many creatures in a profusion of vitality.  Her Guild webpage is here...take a look to see some of her works.

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